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I am SO glad you have decided to save time in your life + biz by repurposing content!

If you don't already know this, repurposing your content can help you to stay visible without sacrificing your time for other things that light you up in all areas of your life.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Gabby, and I am a busy mom to a strong-willed toddler! I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant around the same time I originally started my time management coaching biz and searched high & low for advice on how to make my biz work while raising a baby as a stay at home mom.

Nothing I found really worked so I took it upon myself to create systems & structures to allow me to continue building my biz despite the time constraints being a new mom put on me.

Fast forward to now and one of the things I have discovered to save me a TON of time is having a SOLID content strategy. And this isn't just any kind of content strategy. It is one that I am able to implement in 2 hours or less everyday (and, I barely work weekends!)

One tool that helps me implement this strategy is what I refer to as Purposeful Repurposing. This refers to the process of taking one piece of awesome content and transforming it into multiple pieces of awesome content that you can post where you desire to show up online without having to constantly create new stuff. It saves soooo much time.



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