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My Top 5 March Couponing Deals!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

So if you know anything about me you know that I've gotten just a little bit obsessed with couponing since last August.

I love the ability that couponing gives me to be able to always have what we need and want at a fraction of the cost (and sometimes even FREE!).

Couponing has allowed me to stock up on all of the things so that I never have to be out of something, but before you think I'm a crazy hoarder I'll let you know that this isn't quite the case (yet...)!

I simply just enjoy the feeling of having what I need at my convenience when I need it vs. having to constantly go to the store for it.

With that being said I thought it would be fun to mention some of the awesome deals that I get to take advantage of each month thanks to couponing. Here's some of what I purchased this past month with coupons:

Deal #1:

I was able to purchase (2) small bottles of Simply Orange OJ, (2) small bottles of Tropicana OJ and (1) 12 oz can of Pepsi Zero Sugar for only $1.01 at my local grocery store, Giant Eagle!

Here's the breakdown of the deal...

First off, Giant Eagle has what they call the eAdvantage of the week offer. That specific week the offer was for a FREE 12 ounce can of Pepsi Zero Sugar. I always try to take advantage of these offers if the product is free and it's something I want to try.

Then, I had an eCoupon on my Giant Eagle app for BOGO small bottles of Simply Orange OJ. They were on sale that week for $1 each and for some reason the eCoupon took off $1.99 (which I believe is the normal price of that specific bottle of OJ). So, those 2 bottles ended up being only $.01!

I also had a regular coupon from a past insert for $1 off (2) Tropicana OJs, and that brand was also on sale at Giant Eagle for $1 each. Making it possible to get 2 bottles for $1.

$.01 + $1 + $0 = $1.01!

Deal #2:

Back when I started couponing in August I was able to purchase a bottle of Nivea In-Shower Lotion for only $2 at Rite Aid. It was one of my first deals and needless to say I became hooked.

At first I didn't actually think I was going to use this lotion because I was skeptical of how moisturized an in-shower lotion could make my skin feel (especially through the harsh winter months and being that my skin was NOT used to the dry weather after living in Florida), but I was pleasantly surprised!

I was able to nab these 2 Nivea In-Shower Body Lotions in the Cocoa Butter formula for only $2 a piece at Rite Aid!

Here's the breakdown of the deal...

I used (2) $2 off Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion coupons that I printed from Swagbucks (coupon is no longer available, but they have tons of FREE printable grocery coupons. Plus you can earn points towards free gift cards simply by printing your coupons off of the Swagbacks site!) and I paired this with a sale that Rite Aid had going on where you could get 2 of these lotions for $11 total. Plus, I had $3 BonusCash available to use from a previous Rite Aid purchase. So, $11 for 2 lotions - $4 in coupons = $3 BonusCash = $4 plus tax!

Deal #3:

Another one of my favorite deals this month was on Lysol Disenfecting Wipes + Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

At Giant Eagle they had a 2-week sale where those two products were $1.67 each. I had coupons for $.50 off the wipes and $.50 off the toilet bowl cleaner which doubled to $1.00 off making each product only $.67!

I ended up getting 2 packages of the Disinfecting Wipes and 2 of bottles of the Toilet Bowl Cleaner because I always like to stay stocked up on my favorite cleaning products. [MORE ON THAT HERE!]

Deal #4:

When I first started couponing, one of the things I stocked up on was razors because I was surprised by how cheap I could get them!

Well, once I moved to my new house, my stock was in dire need of replenishment and I finally got my hands on some printable Schick coupons so I took advantage of a pretty great deal at Target this past week to get some new razors.

Target was having a promotion where if you buy $20 worth of beauty and personal care products that you receive a $5 gift card. I also had the opportunity to print (2) $4 off Schick razor/refill coupons from Swagbucks. Add in a $5 Target gift card that I received from a fun scratch off game I like to play to earn free gift cards called Lucky Day AND a price adjustment from the Target website and I scored a Schick Hydro Silk Razor Handle & 8 razor refills for only $9 and some change. Plus, I got that $5 gift card for next time!

Deal #5:

One of the things I've done since starting my couponing habit is build up my makeup collection (with a lot of drugstore product).

I never knew how easy and affordable it was to try out new drugstore makeup while using coupons before.

This month, I took advantage of a $2 off Revlon Lip Product coupon that I printed from Swagbucks and paired it with a sale that CVS had going on where you receive $3 ExtraBucks (their version of cash back) if you spend $12 on Revlon products.

I also had a $2 off $12 CVS coupon and you can pair CVS coupons WITH manufacturer coupons for ultimate savings!

Something I had been wanting to stock up on was the Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balms because I had tried one in the Fall and really liked it.

With all of my coupons I was able to nab (2) Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balms for only $6 plus tax. Plus, I received $6 in ExtraBucks ($3 for spending $12 on Revlon AND $3 for reaching the threshold of beauty product purchases in the CVS Beauty Club).

Runner Up Deals:

- (2) 6.5 oz Bottles of Downy Unstoppable In-Wash Scent Booster from Dollar General for $2.50 each (On sale at DG for $4.50 and add DG digital coupon for $2 off!)

**I also purchased 20 rolls of Scott Paper Towels at Dollar General this month for about $9! Learn more about how I stock up on cleaning supplies on the cheap in this video**

March was a great month for coupon deals, and I'm sure I had much more but those were my faves.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I share all the things on living an intentional, fun & easy mom-life related including more on couponing!


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